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What are Golden Retrievers like as a breed?

Golden retrievers are well-known as family friendly pets. It is important to exercise your pup daily as they carry lots of energy. They love to swim and fetch toys! Additionally, goldens are considered a large breed, EPG typically weigh between 65-80 pounds when fully grown.

Do you keep a waiting list?

Yes. We have a first come, first serve basis policy. If interested, click here to fill out the reservation form. 

Can I come visit the puppies?

Of course! We encourage you to meet the pups prior to taking them home. Typically, this will occur when the puppies are six weeks old and you have one under deposit. 

How do I secure a puppy from one of the litters?

Please Click Here to fill out the reservation form and secure your spot on the waitlist. 

What vaccines will the puppies have had?

The pups will be dewormed, and receive their first round of vaccines (DAPPv). 

Will my puppy be AKC registered?

The litter will be AKC registered. Each pup will be given a registration packet which should be completed by the owner. Full registration (breeding rights) will be discussed on an individual basis which will have an additional fee. 

How soon can my puppy come home?

When the pups are eight weeks old, they will be able to go to their forever homes. 

What do I need to have when picking up my puppy?

It's important to have the basics to start. These would include, but not limited to: puppy food, food and water dishes, leash, collar, toys, dog bed.

What kind of dog food do you use?

The puppies will begin eating solid food at four weeks old. When you pick up your puppy, we will provide you with some to take home. It's important when buying your own puppy food to mix it in with their current food. This allows their stomach to slowly adapt to their new cuisine.  

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